With e-cigarettes, where vapors rise, so does debate


Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

Can electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the traditional habit?

tobacco companies have taken note and are rolling out their own e-cigarette lines to compensate for falling cigarette sales. To Barry Smith, who owns the Electric Cigarette Lounge in downtown Sacramento, the devices are “miraculous.” Smith and other e-cigarette boosters say the product can help smokers get their nicotine fix without the stigma or fatal side effects of cigarettes. Ryan Galvan of Sacramento counts himself among the converted. After smoking Marlboro Reds for 18 years, he and his wife now “vape” instead, a much more economical habit. Today, he said, “it only costs us roughly $20 per week, whereas before, we were spending $85, $90.” E-cigarettes have become more fashionable.
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Miami’s Vapor Shop, Gives Away Bruno Mars Concert Tickets

Personal vaporizers, and the “juice,” which is liquid laced with nicotine, in them, are so different from one another that the emissions of one may not match those of another. In 2009, the FDA released results of a study on two kinds of e-cigarettes, reporting the presence of small levels of several toxins in the cartridges. For example, one sample contained 1% diethylene glycol, a component of antifreeze. But thus far, no studies have shown that large amounts of dangerous chemicals are released into the air, says Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health. “Unlike tobacco smoke, the vapor dissipates very quickly,” he says.
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3. Is the shop easily accessible from a main street? (Again, your time is precious. Don’t waste time looking for the store. Find the directions and use GPS to get there, that’s the fastest way). 4.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/miami-electronic-cigarette/miami-eko-cigs-vapor-shop/sbwire-265497.htm

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